Still problems with DEC DC21041 lan card and 2.0.3

Chuck Mattern (
7 Jul 1996 13:25:04 GMT

I was having lockups with the 1.99x and 2.0.0 kernels when I sent
packets to my Linksys pci ethernet card with a DC21041. Under 2.0.2
and 2.0.3 it seems stable, however it still does something odd. My
card has two connectors on it, one 10baseT and the other 2baseT (thin
ethernet), at boot time I get:

eth0: enabling 10TP port

even though I have the 2baseT port hooked up. When I try to ping
another host on that network the first five packets tale over a
thousand ms to come back then all is well. I then get this message in
my syslog:

eth0: enabling AUI port

again I am running 2baseT. Seems that the driver just enables the
default port and goes on it's way with out checking then when traffic
arrives it sees that there really is nothing there and shifts gears.
Also it seems to assume that the only other thing out there is AUI or
misinterprets the return if it actually examining the card. I have
not had time to actually look at the code but it seems likely that
with a very small hack I could just force it to the card to use the
right port, but it would be nice to have it do the right thing by


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