beware of SiS

Herbert Rosmanith (
Sat, 6 Jul 1996 21:18:04 +0200 (MET DST)


I experience continous problems with a chipset known as "SiS",
be that VLB or be that PCI boards or mixed systems. Just now I am getting

"hda: timeout: status=0x50"

when trying to install RedHat from CD-ROM (connected in ide0 as master
w/ no additional devices neither on ide0, nor on ide1, since HD=SCSI).

the board I am using this time is labeled: P/I P55SP4
the chipset are labeled: SiS / 5513 / (c)(m)SIS'95 / CGD0193 / 9603IT

I know there's a boot-option ("vlbsis???") which I am not sure if it
helps, since I am using a pure PCI board right now.
this is the 3rd time this happens to me. other boards never give
me this problems, i.e. triton/intel chipset, ali chipset ...

you are warned: avoid SiS ... seems to be junkware.... not hardware.