Re: Sanyo 3 CD changer support!

Andreas Muck (
6 Jul 1996 17:22:20 GMT

B. Galliart <> wrote:
> The Sanyo 3 CD changer that is commonly found only on Gateway 2000
> computers (G2k was the primary OEM vendor) is now supported through a
> kernel patch to operate as a *changer* under Linux.

> A patch to enhance the ide-cd driver has already been
> created and is available at:

> I hope to submit this patch to
> Linus to be included in either the 2.0.2 or 2.1.0 kernel (as he sees fit).

Hey, great news! Got to try it out asap. One more reason not to install
DOS/Windows again (deleted them this week :) I'll post how it works as
soon as I tired it out.

Many thanks for this :)

Doh! I forgot my PGP key...