Re: 2.0.1 when?

Bryn Paul Arnold Jones (
Sat, 6 Jul 1996 12:43:53 +0100 (BST)

On Fri, 5 Jul 1996, Daniel W. Erskine wrote:
> Greetings:
> Do you know if the new Linux 2.x.x releases will start recognizing Window95's
> long filenames? I guess we all could "get along" with the standard F.A.T. that
> is supported, but having "true" Win95 support would kinda, "make our day."

It has since the middle of the 1.3.xx serise:
* Filesystems
Quota support (CONFIG_QUOTA) [N/y/?]
Mandatory lock support (CONFIG_LOCK_MANDATORY) [N/y/?]
Minix fs support (CONFIG_MINIX_FS) [M/n/y/?]
Extended fs support (CONFIG_EXT_FS) [N/y/m/?]
Second extended fs support (CONFIG_EXT2_FS) [Y/m/n/?]
xiafs filesystem support (CONFIG_XIA_FS) [N/y/m/?]
DOS FAT fs support (CONFIG_FAT_FS) [M/n/y/?]
MSDOS fs support (CONFIG_MSDOS_FS) [M/n/?]
VFAT (Windows-95) fs support (CONFIG_VFAT_FS) [M/n/?]
umsdos: Unix like fs on top of std MSDOS FAT fs (CONFIG_UMSDOS_FS) [N/m/?]
/proc filesystem support (CONFIG_PROC_FS) [Y/n/?]
NFS filesystem support (CONFIG_NFS_FS) [M/n/y/?]


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