Re: ATAPI CDROM kernel problems

Jason Burrell (
Sat, 6 Jul 1996 00:59:36 -0500 (CDT)

> > > Can somebody PLEASE give me a CLUE?!?!?
> >
> > I need one too. I have a Mitsumi Quad Speed, plugged into the IDE port of my
> > Soundblaster AWE32 PnP. I initialize the soundcard using Intel's Plug and
> > Pray driver, then reboot into Linux. The sound works, but I haven't been
> > able to get the triple damned IDE channel to work. If I specify it, it says
> > that it's already in use, *or* goes ahead and allocates it, but won't let me
> > set /dev/hd? (where ? is c, d, e, etc.) to be a CDROM, saying the "port is
> > in use." So either I'm screwed once, or I'm screwed twice. :)
> >
> > I'm starting to think that this is a major kernel screwup. If you get any
> > information, please send it my way while I still have some hair left. :)
> >
> > Regards.
> Is the info in the IDE documentation about the tertiary port any help?

Not particularly. I've tried using the kernel boot parameters it mentions,
but the kernel seems *convinced* that the IDE port is in use.

LILO boot: Linux ide2=0x1e8,11 hde=cdrom
[Also tried: hde=noprobe]
[Also tried: hde=cdrom hde=noprobe]
[Also tried: ide2=0x1e8,0x03ee,11 -- and both of the above]

I get the same thing every time. The kernel says "ERROR - PORTS ALREADY IN
USE" or something with almost that wording. After that, it tries to do
something with the IDE device and I get something resembling "ide2: already
in use, skipping probe."

It looks like the kernel just decides that it isn't a cool idea to use the
port. I know other people have to be using CDROMs plugged into their
soundcards. I'd pull the thing out and plug it into a standard IDE card if I
didn't have all my expansion slots filled, and two drives in the system

If, after all this, I try to mount the cdrom, I get "/dev/hde is not a block

I need a clue. Bad. :)