Re: This mailing list is being filtered for email addresses.

Kevin M Bealer (
Fri, 5 Jul 1996 23:35:28 -0400 (EDT)

If anyone has any words they think may be triggers, send them to me email at Put "spam games" in the title (I will set my mail filter to
collect these in a folder for me). I will try out my "paranoia block" thing
and see how many hits I can get. --> I already select my signature with a
script, so I just modifed it to also tack on the block.

If anyone wises up (unlikely) I can make it naturalize a little bit (trivial
programming exercise), to stay off any anti-(anti-filter)-filtering ;)

If you get any junk forward it to me with "spam culprits" in the title, I
will collect these in another box to see which accounts are posting the

This otherwise unremarkable language is distinguished by the absence of
an "S" in its character set; users must substitute "TH". LITHP is said
to be useful in protheththing lithtth.