Re: This mailing list is being filtered for email addresses.

Albert Cahalan (
Fri, 5 Jul 1996 00:43:34 -0400 (EDT)

From: Bryn Paul Arnold Jones <>
> Well I got one about dieting (I said something about making fat
> binaries that diet when they knew there host systems architecure),
> and then got an email about dieting (a just send $xxx to this address,
> and we'll send you instructions on dieting with out dieting ....).
> Well it was via the usenet gateway, so short of killing the gateway
> for a while, there's not much the list management can do ....
> Anyone else getting larger than normal amounts of junk email ? (I've had
> about 15 from 2 acounts in the last 2 months, from none in the last year

Yes, lots. I think I must have said something about byte sex.
I got ads for some porn CD company - of course now I'll just get more!

I think the usenet gateway should strip (oh no...) out email
addresses from the headers, and maybe add a .sig if no email
address is found in the body (oh no...). Muck with any address
found but leave it human readable: "albert at".

Then put in the headers so that appropriate
flames can be automatically sent to the offenders. The random
number in the address is to keep them from filtering out duplicates.
Repeat offenders can be tracked using some kind of cache so that
they get larger and larger chunks of /dev/urandom each time.
(a first time offender may have just made a mistake with email)