ax25 in 2.0.1

Johnie Stafford (
Thu, 4 Jul 96 15:53 CDT

What changed in 2.0.1 that breaks ax25? I can't keep the port
configured. I run axattach in my init scripts and everything is
fine. When I do an 'ifconfig -a' right after booting everything is
fine. Then within 30 seconds I do another 'ifconfig -a' and find that
all my slip interfaces are gone.

Initially, I was getting the following in my logs:

Jul 4 15:24:44 kb5yvf modprobe: Can't locate module sl0
Jul 4 15:24:45 kb5yvf last message repeated 4 times

Since slip is built into my kernel I put this in /etc/modules.conf:

alias sl0 off

This solved the error messages, but I still can't keep a slip/ax25
port configured.


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