Mirroring and/or duplexing partitions

Quim Duran Comas (qduran@songoku.udg.es)
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 23:20:05 +0100


Now, Linux is not suporting Mirroring nor Duplexing. Mirroring consists
in 2 or more HD partitions duplicated in several HD. The HD share the same HD
controler. Duplexing is equal to Mirroring but the HD don't share the HD
controler. The idea is if one of these partitions fail, the OS can run becouse
it has a copy of its contents in other partition. This enforces fail tolerant
capabilities of the Linux OS.

I know it is only an idea, and perphaps never it will be implemented (I
hope at Linux 2.1.X kernel versions). This idea could be divided in 2 parts:

- Implement Mirroring/Duplexing (M/D) locally to a node. That is, M/D a HD
partition implies only use other HD partitions places in several HD but HD must
be placed at the same computer.

- Implement Mirroring/Duplexing throw the net. I think it's obious. I think it
must he suported by clusters of Linux. (What about use NFS? So, is it existing
only the first case ?)

This is the idea.

Joaquim Duran Comas

PS: Are anyone of you shure than 'degraf' defrags two M/D DOS partitions (one
bye one) and then these partitions are still M/Ded ?