Re: Linux-2.0.1

Andrew E. Mileski (
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 15:24:11 -0400 (EDT)

> > I say this, because PnP support will likely be 1 patch, because
> > it touches just about everything.
> Umm, yeah. I'm not knocking PnP or your work, but I suspect that when
> it's integrated, there'll be much breakage for several kernel
> versions. I don't personally have a problem with this just so long
> as it happens in 2.1 instead of 2.0.
> Kevin

By the time v2.1.* rolls around I hope to have some basic PnP-BIOS
and ISA-PnP support. All other devices will follow...eventually.
I won't be ready until v2.1.* so don't fret yet :-)

I also need to write up some documentation and guides for developers,
so that they can take advantage of the new code. The first installment
will break nothing, except all the driver people will have to sync their
working code to the kernel code. I'm sure people will send me nasty-grams
for this, but it is necessary (new kernel API).

I am worried about non-i386 stuff breaking, but so far I've not had
feedback from the other camps. The code is supposed to be universal
for the resource management stuff.

By the time the second installment rolls in, everyone should have
accepted the differences PnP entails...I hope. At this point, the
benefits of PnP will hopefully have made the trip worthwhile.

Famous last words: Overall it should be relatively painless :-)

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