Re: Pro Audio Spectrum sound failure with 2.0.1

Aaron Dewell (
Thu, 4 Jul 96 18:37 GMT

Well, I had the same problem, so I changed the broken bus clock
option to 'n' from 'y,' now the sound isn't garbled, but it is
WAAAY too slow.

irq 10, dma 3, also using SB emul(220,5,1) and MPU-401 (330,3).

The 2.0.0 version of the sound driver works fine with the PAS16
for me as well.

Fred Broce <> wrote:
> Sound is garbled when you cat [filename] > /dev/audio with v2.0.1
> I am using Pro Audio Spectrum..all the initialization info looks
> just get distorted output when you try and use /dev/audio.
> I switched back to 2.0.0 and it works fine.
> I am using irq 10 and dma 5 however that should not be a problem.
> Fred

Aaron Dewell

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