Strange Problem!

METU-Math (
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 17:15:20 +0300 (EET DST)

Hi all,
I have followed all the suggestions in the "Changes" appearing in
the Documentation part. But now I am facing with a strange problem.
It is as follows: When one of my users login to Linux box and send the
display of a xterm to his machine, run netscape(from the xterm) then
exit from xterm, the tty still seemed reserved for that user. This time
when a new user telnets he would get the same tty. By simply 'w' command
you can see two different users on the same tty. This is not only
annoying but when newly logged in user sends talk request to any other
user, old users name appears as a requester.
What I believe is: It is all related with portmap. I am using
portmap_3 and I could not manage to compile portmap_4.
Is it really related with portmap or else? And any ideas for the
solution? Thanks in advance...

Alp Dibirdi