FW: HPDA Disk Array Mylex Corp.

Stramaglia, Carlo (Carlo.Stramaglia@orbit.net)
Thu, 04 Jul 96 08:51:00 MET

Dear all,

Thanks for the advice sent, but the answer of Mylex has closed the argoment.


From: salesinfo
To: Stramaglia, Carlo
Subject: RE: HPDA Mylex Corp
Date: 03 July 1996 09:41
Priority: High


I apologize for the delayed response......apparently your first email did
not come through.

we do not have drivers for Linux or do we plan to develope any in the
immediate future.

From: owner-linux-kernel-outgoing
To: linux-kernel
Subject: HPDA Disk Array Mylex Corp.
Date: 26 June 1996 08:59

Dear All,

I have a HP NetServer with a RAID 5 HP Disc Array. The board is made by

Does anybody know if there are Linux Drivers for this system ?

Thanks in advance