Re: 2.0.1 PPP broke

Kevin Buettner (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 18:03:11 -0700

On Jul 3, 1:35pm, wrote:
> Subject: 2.0.1 PPP broke
> I've been using a home brew PPP dialer script for months now. I used it
> with kernels 1.3.25 through 2.0.1. I upgraded to kernel 2.0.1 today and
> PPP seems broken. PPPd will start, it will give me the
> 'connect:ppp0<-->/dev/modem' string, but it failes to get my dynamically
> assigned IP address. It just quietly exits. It worked perfectly with
> 2.0.0, so I know it's a 2.0.1 problem. I have PPP as a module, and have
> the latest kerneld, pppd, etc. The module is getting loaded so that's not
> the problem either.
> Anyone else have this problem? For now I'll have to stick with 2.0.0.


PPP works fine for me. Here are the differences between our setups:

1) I have a statically assigned IP address.
2) I use diald to do the dialing. (A very nice program, BTW.)
3) PPP is not a module.