Re: Simple, effective boot graphic (fwd)

Thomas Quinot (
3 Jul 1996 16:05:53 GMT

DUPRE Christophe ( =E9crit :

> But I'd *REALLY* love to have the possibility to easily remove (or at=
> least lessen) the amount of messages at bootup.

I have already posted a patch to that effect.=20

> The point is, why not make it a compile time option ? It's no kernel=20
> bloat, because with it, there's less code in the kernel... :-)

The aforementioned patch makes it a boot-time option (it creates
a new kernel command-line option which allows setting of the default
console log-level. Set it to 1 and you get no more boot messages.)

You can retrieve the patch from

Thomas.Quinot@Cuivre.FdN.FR <URL:http://Web.FdN.FR/~tquinot=