Re: kerneld/request-route

Andrew E. Mileski (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 14:31:01 -0400 (EDT)

> On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Eric Schenk wrote:
> > There good reasons diald does not just run a user script. I originally
> > tried this approach and ran into several serious problems. The main
> > difficulty is as follows.
> >
> > Diald needs to know which ppp device (or slip device, diald supports slip
> > as well) came up so it can monitor its status.

I use ip-up and ip-down to create/destroy files with all the PPP
link info. This allows me to monitor the link with the same command
regardless of the actual device. Dialing is handled by kerneld
and a script, re-dialing is handled similarly.

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