Re: 2.2.0 wishlist, new version

Matthias Urlichs (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 19:12:38 +0100

In, article <4qopdh$>, (Thomas Koenig) writes:

> * NFS write clustering/coalescing/biod
On Linus' todo-list, second item (first is getting rid of the fs regist=
for accessing user data from kernel space).

> * Caching a slow block device on a fast one
> * Paging binaries run off CD-ROM and NFS to local swap
These two do almost the same things, except that the first is more gene=

> * Better support for Plug'n Play cards
In the works; see the PNP pages on

> * Guaranteed stream throughput (for example, reserve 300 kB/sec =
> a
Dito, Alan is doing that. (Whence he geht all the time to do all the th=
he does is completely beyond me.)

> * Uniform game controller support.
Generalize to: Uniform pointing device support.

> * Environment variables as part of symbolic links
Hmmm. I'd like to see a generic "mount one file system on top of anothe=
interface which would be usable for this, or for caching, or for mounti=
several file systems on top of each other, or ...

> * Faster dep (qdep, for example)
* Slower dep (sdep?) which actually allows us to compile from read-only

> * Better kmalloc debugging
We already had that. Twice. Every time, somebody invented a new faster =
to do the kmalloc thing, and forgot to redo the kmalloc debug stuff.

> * Serial console support
With all serial drivers if at all possible, please...

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