Multicast applications hang system on 2.0, 2.0.1

Miguel de Icaza (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 12:56:05 -0500

I am experimenting a very wierd problem with multicast applications
on my Linux/i386 machine (Pentium 133, Triton chipset, adaptec 1542,
depca 200 ethernet card, cirrus 5424 video card). I have searched
altavista for any similar problem without success. I had the same
problem with my previous machine, a Pentium at 66Mhz with the fdiv bug
with the ethernet and scsi cards.

I have compiled my kernel with multicast support, with and without
multicast routing (I get an IGMP line in the list of supported
protocols when booting) and I have added the route to the
net with netmask.

Now, every time I enter sd or vat (the only two multicast
applications I have attempted to use), if I press the Quit button (or
press control-c on the xterm to terminate the program) inmediately the
machine hangs.

I attempted to strace the process without success, the last system
call I see is a select and then the system just stops. I can ping the
machine, but I can't type anything on the console. I also can switch

Now, my machine had been up for 20 days or so without having any
problem until I tried this (I have now rebooted several times with
different configurations: including multicast routing does not make
any difference).

I have also noticed, when pressing control-scrollock that all of
the PCs reported are either 00000000 or ffffffff on my 386 instead of
the PC where the program is currently executing (with the exception of
a rnunning application, this one shows the correct PC), very wierd,
because any other i386 machines running around here show a regular PC
on the same place.

There are no messages logged by klogd from the kernel either.

Any ideas?