ISA-Bus load?

Volker Eberlein Guest at ROBERT BOSCH GmbH FV/SLH (
Wed, 03 Jul 1996 14:50:33 +0200

I am wondering if there is a chance to get an idea of what is
happening on the PC's ISA-Bus from a programmer's view.
I have a couple of add-on cards providing my software with
datastreams from the real world, data rates less than 500kbit/s - I
would like to plug in as many of them as possible.
All I would like to find out is where the limit is. The idea
of just trying it out is probably less than semi-optimal - who knows
how good may way of communicating with the hardware is?

I was hoping to find anything in the /proc-fs - in vain it seems.
There must be something in the kernel...
Thanks for any hints!!