Re: Driver optimization.

Graham Mitchell (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 04:42:04 +0000

On 30 Jun 96 at 17:33, Khan M. Klatt wrote:

> What is it that NT has supposedly implemented?
> What does it take to do "binary compatibility" across platforms? (i.e.
> what does it take to run the *same* binary on x86, 68k, alpha, ppc?

What you'll probably find is that MS (and other firms) dont want to
market an Intel-NT version of Word and a MIPS-NT version of Word,
and an Alpha-NT version of Word. The CD that your friend bought will
contain binaries for ALL the 3 or 4 platforms that NT currently runs
on. The installation program knows which type of system its running
on, and installs the appropriate binaries. Nothing particularly
magical, but kinda handy if you change platform.

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