Re: SCSI device numbering (was: Re: Ideas for v2.1

Leonard N. Zubkoff (
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 16:35:13 -0700

From: "Jonathan H. Pickard" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 15:09:56 -0700 (PDT)

That's what we already have. The problem with this (as far as I can see) is
hardware configuration changes may change the dynamic allocation, and that
is exactly what we don't want. We'd like to have some sort of way of
keeping devices where they were last seen at, or in a different, completely
deterministic place.

Hardware configuration changes. You muck with the SCSI bus a bit, leave a
device on or off, your configuration changes. A device crashes while the
system is unattended, the dynamic device allocation changes and the machine
runs a risk of not being able to go multiuser (or maybe not even boot).

Please see my followup message. I don't believe I explained my proposal
adequately the first time. I believe the followup explains how this is handled.