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Todd Graham Lewis (
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 20:21:25 -0400

On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

> > of the US legal system. Damn third world countries. And they have t=
he gall to
> > accuse China of having copyright problems).=20
> We really need to get all those alleged idle chinese factories makin=
g millions
> of Linux CD's totally legally. Take over china before mickeysoft do 8=
BEIJING - Sept. 20, 1995 - The Chinese State Bureau of Technology
Supervision (CSBTS) and the Chinese Ministry of Electronics Industry (M=
announced today that they have signed an agreement with Microsoft Corp.=
standardize the Chinese version of the Microsoft=AE Windows=AE 95 opera=
system as the software development standard for China. The agreement is
aimed at speeding the development of the Chinese version of Windows 95 =
expanding the scope of cooperation and strengthening the foundation of
software development in China.=20

We're too late, Alan. Then again, according to the Chinese government,
all illegal CD coipying ended in 1986 (and 1988, and 1991...) I hear t=
Chinese State Bureau of Brewry Supervision (CSBBS) has standardized on=20
Old Milwaukee as the standardized beer for brewry research in China, bu=
Guinness isn't _too_ worried.

(The preceeding paragraph was a joke, but the news release wasn't.)

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