Re: Network performance

Stephen Lee (
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 16:39:32 -0400

On Jul 2, 1:31pm, "Andrew C. Esh" wrote:
> >> ln -s "/usr/${BINARY_FORMAT}/lib" /usr/lib
> >>
> >> would make /usr/lib a link to either /usr/aout/lib or
> >> /usr/elf/lib depending on the value of the environment variable
> >> BINARY_FORMAT at the time the link is dereferenced.
> S> Hasn't somebody just implemented this? I saw it in one of the
> S> development newsgroups, probably
> S> comp.os.linux.development.kernel.
> This is something that is done as part of the a.out -> ELF conversion
> process, ...

This is not what is being talked about. Somebody just created a patch
that allows the kernel to follow softlinks like

/usr/lib -> /usr/${ABC}/lib

(literally). What directory /usr/lib points to then depends on the
environment variable ABC, and is changable at run time.


Stephen Lee