SUMMARY: "My wish for the next Linux-Release..."

Herbert Wengatz (
Tue, 02 Jul 1996 10:39:03 +0200

First of all: Thank you all very much! You were great and fast!!! :-))))

I got 14 Replies, most of them (12 or so) pointed me in the same direction.
It's more a case of "RTFM". So I apologize!

There are two ways to come around my kernel-space-Problem, one is to use
"bzImage" instead of "zImage" (Which I'll try to get the expierience), the
other one, more sophisticated, is to use modules. So I'll try that soon, and
I'm sure I'll stick with that.

As I said, it's in the docs, but there was one more interesting thing, there's
an URL for that! Take a look at: !
(Thank you, Jarkko! [])

I got Mail from:

Alexander Sanda <>
Henrik Storner <>
Albert Cahalan <>
Michael Blandford <>
"Carsten Paeth" <>
Jarkko Lietolahti <> (James M. Cassidy)
Ralph Loader <>
Gadi Oxman <> (Wolfram Gloger)
Franz Schaefer <>
Christoph Lameter <>
Byron Faber <byron@morticia.PHYSICS.ColoState.EDU>
Dirk Weigenand <>
Robert Glamm <>

Thank you all!!!!!



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