Re: no memory for X????

Mark T. Gray (
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 05:48:49 -0400 (EDT)

On 1 Jul 1996 wrote:

> Here's a new one. This is linux-2.0. X suddenly froze when I tried
> to switch to a virtual console. The log says:
> Jul 1 21:51:13 nealslip2 kernel: Out of memory for X.
> At the time I was ftp'ing via ppp and compiling.
This has happened to me once or twice with 2.0 also, but it has always
happened just as I was starting up X. I didn't report it because I was
trying out both a libc-5.3.12 and a modified XFree86-3.12 I had compiled
myself, and just assumed I had f'ed up :-) Like you, I use ppp, but in my
case popclient was running at the time (I usually start it up just before
starting X).

I haven't had the problem happen again since I (for other unrelated reasons)
removed the insmod of bsd_comp.o and several other modules from my startup;
took the "xv -root" out of my .xinitrc; and recompiled libc and XFree86
several more times. I have 24Meg of memory and 100Meg of swap so this
problem should not have happened unless something were wrong somewhere I
would say.

Sorry I can't give any more hints as to what might be wrong -- it hasn't
happened to me for a few days now and even when it did happen it was a
random enough occurrence that I don't have much hope of recreating it.