Re: PATCH: Ramdisk version 2.0.1

G.W. Wettstein (
Mon, 1 Jul 1996 12:39:22 CDT

On Jul 1, 3:54am, Albert Cahalan wrote:
} Subject: Re: PATCH: Ramdisk version 2.0.1

> Why even accept ramdisk=<size> or limit the size at all? Since
> the new ramdisk won't waste space unless it is actually used,
> there is no reason to have the parameter. If the intent is to
> protect against root doing 'cat /dev/zero >> /dev/ram0', then
> you won't protect a 4 MB system anyway. With this one, I think
> root should be allowed to shoot himself in the foot (with
> water-gun until foot rots off). Real protection would be to
> limit total ramdisk+mlocked memory to 75%.

I had a question on a related note. I find the new ramdisk code very
useful but it has been unclear how to make the entity go away
completely? It seems that the ramdisk gets swapped away but I have
never been able to make its consumption of swap space go away.

Probably operator error but any pointers would be appreciated.

}-- End of excerpt from Albert Cahalan

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