Re: Tyan Tomcat I board - Triton II

Yuri Mironoff (
Mon, 1 Jul 1996 10:13:36 -0400 (EDT)

>We have been having some serious crashes with
>a (new) Tyan Tomcat I board (P133MHz), Triton II.
>Although the last crash trashed the hard disk, it was
>possible to get some error messages (appended).
>(A) No problems if there is no cache module
>(Not a hardware problem with the cache module as we
>have changed it (from 256 -> 512), without success.)
>(B) (A) seems to rule out RAM problems (32Mb on board).
>(C) TRITON was _not_ enabled in the kernel build.
>(Bios - award - set to FX option)
>(D) The crashes that have occured are _very_ nasty

We had the same problem with 4 of the 6 Tomcats we've
had. All were solved by getting replacement cache modules
and/or motherboards. I strongly suggest replacing both -
since older revision motherboards had multiple design bugs
and really poor assembly. Also don't forget to upgrade to
the newer Award Bios - I have v3.0 - works great!