2.0.0 OOPS - AX.25 related (I think)

Johnie Stafford (jms@pobox.com)
Mon, 1 Jul 96 10:56 CDT

My system is an AMD486DX/2-80 running Red Hat 3.0.3, upgraded to 2.0.0
kernel. I've had the ax.25 stuff up and running for 2 days now with
the ax.25-utils-2.0. Last night I left a popclient running on a poor
link. This morning I found this OOPS in my logs:

Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address c0000059
current->tss.cr3 = 00101000, `r3 = 00101000
*pde = 00102067
*pte = 00000027
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<00198e00>]
EFLAGS: 00010206
eax: 00000000 ebx: 01ab1808 ecx: 0000001e edx: 00000806
esi: 01ab1858 edi: 00ff5c11 ebp: 00ff5d44 esp: 001bdaf0
ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 0018 ss: 0018
Process swapper (pid: 0, process nr: 0, stackpage=001bbd10)
Stack: 00ff5d23 01ab1808 00198de0 00ff5d44 0014fdd5 00ff5d44 01ab1808 00000806
00ff5c11 01ab1858 0000001e 00ff5c09 00ff5c11 00ff5c11 01ab1808 00ff5efd
00ff5c11 00ff5f1c 0000003f 00000003 00198de0 00000806 00150241 00000002
Call Trace: [<00198de0>] [<0014fdd5>] [<00198de0>] [<00150241>] [<0015e7f8>] [<00152046>] [<0015ec59>]
[<0013b02c>] [<0011706b>] [<0010a56b>] [<001096bc>] [<0010a5e2>] [<001093d0>] [<00109243>]
Code: f6 40 59 04 74 2a 0f b7 c2 3d 00 02 00 00 74 20 51 56 57 50
Aiee, killing interrupt handler
kfree of non-kmalloced memory: 001bdd58, next= 00000000, order=0
kfree of non-kmalloced memory: 001bdd48, next= 00000000, order=0
kfree of non-kmalloced memory: 001be17c, next= 00000000, order=0
idle task may not sleep
last message repeated 4 times

Using `/boot/System.map' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: 198e00 <sl_header+20/60>
Trace: 198e00 <sl_header+20/60>
Trace: 14fdd5 <arp_send+135/260>
Trace: 198e00 <sl_header+20/60>
Trace: 150241 <arp_rcv+341/3f0>
Trace: 15e7f8 <ax25_rcv+358/770>
Trace: 152046 <def_callback2+26/30>
Trace: 15ec59 <kiss_rcv+49/50>
Trace: 13b02c <net_bh+ec/120>
Trace: 11706b <do_bottom_half+3b/70>
Trace: 10a56b <handle_bottom_half+b/20>
Trace: 1096bc <sys_idle+6c/80>
Trace: 10a5e2 <system_call+52/80>
Trace: 1093d0 <init>
Trace: 109243 <start_kernel+163/170>

Code: 198e00 <sl_header+20/60> testb $0x4,0x59(%eax)
Code: 198e04 <sl_header+24/60> je 198e30 <sl_header+50/60>
Code: 198e06 <sl_header+26/60> movzwl %dx,%eax
Code: 198e09 <sl_header+29/60> cmpl $0x200,%eax
Code: 198e0e <sl_header+2e/60> je 198e30 <sl_header+50/60>
Code: 198e10 <sl_header+30/60> pushl %ecx
Code: 198e11 <sl_header+31/60> pushl %esi
Code: 198e12 <sl_header+32/60> pushl %edi
Code: 198e13 <sl_header+33/60> pushl %eax

I'm guessing here that sl_header is refering to a SLIP header,
therefore I'm assuming this is an ax.25 problem.

Also, probably not related (slip is compiled in, not a module),
kerneld won't run anymore either:

Jul 1 06:15:57 kb5yvf kerneld: error: exit: Identifier removed
Jul 1 10:01:08 kb5yvf kerneld: error: exit: Identifier removed


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