Problems when installing LILO from /dev/hdc

Henrik Rasmussen (
Mon, 01 Jul 1996 17:02:04 +0200


I have a problem when I install LILO from /dev/hdc, it boots fine but it doesn't
find my SoundBlaster and my AIC6360 SCSI-controller. If I boot Linux from /dev/hdb and
install LILO from there, it can boot the system on /dev/hdc with no troubles including
the Soundblaster and SCSI.

I have :
Triton FX430 motherboard with support for 4 IDE drives
2 540 Megs IDE drives
1 1,7 Gig IDE drive
CD-ROM and Syquest disk on the AIC6360 SCSI controller.
RedHat 3.0.3 upgraded to kernel 2.0.0

I have been running Linux on the second 540 Meg (/dev/hdb) until now, but want
to change to the new 1,7 Gig and use the others for DOS.

I have tried to put (append="aha152x=0x340,11,7,1") in lilo.conf without result.
I have also tried Loadlin and floppy-boot and it still doesn't find SoundBlaster
and SCSI. Only LILO-boot installed from /dev/hdb works.

Any suggestions will be appriciated ...

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