Re: Boot messages

Albert Cahalan (
Mon, 1 Jul 1996 01:52:36 -0400 (EDT)

>>>> Being credited, however briefly, in the bootup phase of
>>>> millions of computers is also a motivating factor for
>>>> Linux developers. I think it isn't more than fair that
>>>> they get their credit.

>> Any bootmessages not directly related to wellbeing of the
>> system are useless pap. That includes so called
>> copy(left/right) messages, which are just plain ego puffing,
>> and any kind of graphic smokescreens.
> You obviously have 0 lines of code in the Linux kernel.

Well, I do. I wouldn't dare put my name in the bootmessages,
even if my contribution was more significant. I just did a
case-insensitive grep for the names of "famous" Linux developers
in my boot messages. Linus Torvalds was not there - he must not
be very important I guess. I also checked:

Werner Almesberger, H. Peter Anvin, Andries Brouwer, Remy Card,
Alan Cox, Drew Eckhardt, Bjorn Ekwall, Rik Faith, Grant Guenther,
Bruno Haible, Nick Holloway, Miguel de Icaza Amozurrutia, Michael
K. Johnson, Alain L. Knaff, Warner Losh, H.J. Lu, Martin Mares,
David S. Miller, Michael O'Reilly, William E. Roadcap, Hannu
Savolainen, Miquel van Smoorenburg, Drew Sullivan, Andrew Tridgell,
Theodore Ts'o, Stephen Tweedie, Matthias Urlichs, Greg Wettstein,
Lars Wirzenius, Roger E. Wolff, Frank Xia, Eric Youngdale

Now, just how important must I be to go in the boot messages?
(actually, Linus ought to be there - perhaps he wants to hide :)

>> Pure 'technobabble' is a Good Thing (tm) :).
>> If somebody wants to see the list of 'inventors' it's
>> there in the form of Credits file. That can be printed
>> to the screen via rc.*
> There are some folks who contribute who aren't in the Credits file,
> because they either sent their changes through the original author
> or didn't feel their work was substantial enough.

Wasn't substantial enough for the credits file? Look at
the file sometime, then look at the bootmessages. You have to
be rather arrogant to put your name in the bootmessages.

Those who send changes through another author can also send
a CREDITS entry, with the patch or directly to Linus Torvalds.