Re: Tux The Penguin Is Gonna Get Medieval On Yo' Ass =)

LD Landis (
Sun, 16 Jun 1996 06:50:19 -0500 (CDT)


Like it or not, (Linus == Linux) forever in the same way that (Ritchie == C)
and (Thompson == UNIX). Linus got the Linux ball rolling, and was
willing to "don the mantle" of being the "creator of Linux". Even today,
almost 30 years have past, 1000's of significant contributors have make
today's "UNIX" what it is, and we continue to venerate the memory of Ken
Thompson's "space game gone amuck", and Ken specifically as the "father
of UNIX", and so shall it ever be. On a like path, our memory of Linus
and his "terminal emulator gone amuck", he will be venerated as the
"father of Linux". BTW, (prepare yourself), Ken Thompson hasn't had
anything to do with UNIX for probably 15 years now, yet he still has the
title "the father of UNIX". Until he tired of it, he largely controlled
what went into the kernel he wrote. I expect Linus to be afforded the
same courtesy, it's "his", we're just adding our $0.02 and thereby
making it better. This takes NOTHING away from the significant individual
contributions in networking, process management/swapping, etc, these
individuals are "famous" for their own efforts. If this makes you
nervous, or what you really want is to be "on a pedistal", then go start
a new kernel. (Hmmm, how about one based on Java or Inferno)? There are
several other kernel projects (that I know of) where others are leading
the effort, thus becoming "famous" for their (and other people's) work.

James Hughes wrote:
> OK,
> First, sorry about the spelling of the name! NOW! Linus did start the
> ball rolling and many many others have joined in to make Linux what it
> is today. I'm sure that he alone wouldn't have been able to get the
> system to the point it is today. BUT! He does make the final decision as
> to which code is accepted or rejected for the kernel releases. He has
> the knowledge and insight to make good decisions, producing stable,
> efficient ocde. AND! The kernel does bear his name, Linux, RIGHT? SO! I
> think that it is appropriate to honor his vision and hard work by
> letting the mascot bear his name also. The kernel is YOURS and MINE and
> every one else's who cares to develop it, test it, debug it, share it,
> help others discover it...
> -- James Hughes

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