Re: Idea for Default change in 2.0

Alan Cox (
Sat, 15 Jun 1996 12:29:04 +0100 (BST)

> 'n' so that those of us with smaller memory machines (yes I know that memory
> is falling in cost but some of us still use small memory machines for some
> stuff) don't have to always change it. Leave it 'y' in 2.1 but change it in
> 2.0 since all the next CD boot images will be based on 2.0

But then everyone with big machines has to change it. Its a non win situation.

> Or, am I totally wrong with thinking that since it isn't reccomended for
> machines with less than 16M that it is a bad thing for machines with 4 and 8M?

It depends. On a server its not so smart, for a client machine you probably
have so few connections at once (<100) that its not going to be a serious
issue. In theory with large windows we could commit 128K of kernel non swappable
memory to one socket. I'd be amazed if you ever managed this