Loopback mounts

Andi Gutmans (andi@actcom.co.il)
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 11:57:38 +0300


Is anyone out there working on loopback directory mounts like on SunOS?
For example mounting a file system to /local
/local having a subdirectory /local/mail
the loopback mount would do the following
mount /local/mail /var/spool/mail

I know symbolic links can do the job but I think the SunOS way is a much
Cleaner way.
In one of the 1.1.x kernels there was a guy who partially implemented it but
it was never incorporated into the kernel and so it was never followed up

Can this be put on the "todo" list for the next development stage???

Thanks to all who have contributed to the great 2.0.0. It's a charm :)

Andi Gutmans