Re: Ideas for 2.1

Eberhard Moenkeberg (
13 Jun 1996 18:23:49 GMT

Martin Mares ( wrote:

: > Ideas for 2.1 (subtitled "Things that make you go, hmmmm...") :

: + Speeding up initialization of sbpcd.

Did you ever build "your own" kernel?
You should try it, at least once.

If you like to try it: just follow the hint you see at the
second-last line of sbpcd's initialisation messages.
If you never, never will do such a thing: read about your
possibilities to submit "kernel command line" parameters
and use the "sbpcd=<address>,<type>" chance.

Or simply use the builtin speedup parameter "sbpcd=0".
With this, you get the fastest initialisation one can
think of.

BTW: it is well-documented, with simple words.

Cheers -e

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