PS/2 mouse locks up 2.0 (2d part and stopgap solution)

JF Martinez (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 21:35:03 +0200

I have a PCI machine with a Token Ring Card and PS/2 mouse. If I hit
a mouse button when the driver is not loaded (I want to use kerneld)
then the keyboard locks up. I am unable to telnet to it (looks

But if I do:

(sleep 60; modprobe psaux) &

and then hit the mouse the keyboard locks up but later will return to
normal. So Linux is not locked only the keyboard.

If I use the mouse under DOS and reboot with loadlin then Linux locks
up but I can telnet and load the driver. This put the things back to
normal. (Still crazier).

I have noticed if I load and unload the driver then the mouse will not
lock the keyboard. So if you want to use kerneld, a solution could be
to put in the startup files:

modprobe psaux
modprobe -r psaux


Jean Francois Martinez

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