Re: Linux for sparc..

Tom Dyas (
Wed, 12 Jun 96 22:35:55 EDT

> How stable / usable is linux on a sparc platform?
> Tony

Stable enough to run X windows and emacs. :) Seriously, you should
join the list and read the RedHat page
that has nice links to other information (URL:

Right now, I am running Linux/SPARC 2.0.0 on a SparcStation SLC with
16 MB. SparcLinux runs on sun4c (SLC, ELC, IPC, IPX, 1, 1+, ...) and
sun4m architecture (5, 10, 20, ...) machines. Multiple processors are
also supported. There is 99% SunOS binary emulation (dynamically
linked executables as well).

Linux/SPARC is out the point where the final kinks are being worked
out of the native libc and attention starting to turn to producing a
full userland. RedHat has a lot of sparc RPM packages available but
not official distribution yet.


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