Attaboy Fellows

Steve VanDevender (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 08:43:32 -0700

Alan V. Shackelford writes:
> Good work, guys. Even as newbie as I am, I compiled 2.0 on the first try,
> and IT BOOTED. I have previously downloaded the various recommended
> tar.gz packages which should be used with the new kernel, and have one
> question about them. Is the full path to each file within the zipped tar
> files included? In other words, if I put the tar.gz in the root and do a
> tar -xvzf will all the files end up in the right place? I don't have
> enough spare disc space to have hundreds of files lying around in the
> wrong places, so I have to do this right. I really need to know how to
> ensure that things go where they need to go. Advice?

Why don't you just do a "tar tvzf foo.tar.gz" before you do "tar xvzf ..."?
That's what I do with all the precompiled packages I install. Then you
can figure out whether installing it from / or /usr or whatever will put
things in the right places.