Re: 2.0, loggings, cpu quotas, 2.1 issues, etc.

Alan Cox (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 14:59:00 +0100 (BST)

> You have to remember you have open, read, possibly seek, and close, 3 to
> 5 times per second. meter-0.2 or Portato code in the kernel would add 8k
> at the very most, as well as better interactive time, especially on
> smaller 386 systems.

Oh tragedy. Do you have any idea how tiny a load that is.

> We have to think of the humble 386SX16 users too... I have a P5, but a
> 386, too. Portato makes the system load go up noticeably. Not to 2.0 or
> anything, but noticeably.

Humble 386SX users will get far more benefit from 2 pages of pageable user