Linux 2.0.0 & sbpcd

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Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:59:04 -0700 (PDT)

i've been working with the development kernels at my office for a while now
(since 1.3.20-something) and i've had no problems at all. i finally upgraded
my 1.2.13-elf system at home to 2.0.0 over the weekend and ran into a problem
with my cdrom drive. im using a panasonic cr-562 version 5.00 connected to
my soundblaster pro II compatible. it works fine under 1.2.13 and (*gack*)
windows. it also works great for playing audio cds under 2.0.0, but iso9660
discs are out, both with isofs & sbpcd as modules, and built into the kernel
itself. i'll start working through the various stages of development of the
kernel, but it'll be slow going as ive only got a 486 sx2/50 (overnight
compiles =P). anyone have anything ive missed? here's the details:

i486 sx2/50
panasonic cr-562 doublespeed cd (version 5.00 according to the driver probe)
reveal sound fx 16/soundblaster II pro compatible
red hat 2.1 base install
modules 1.3.57
linux 1.99.7 - 2.0.0