Re: Zen Penguin on Endorphins (Was: Kernel Naming Society..)

Shinanyaku (
Sun, 9 Jun 1996 22:13:39 -0400 (EDT)

lilo was heard saying ....
> Hmmm, check out the `totem' package,

Interesting. I was wondering when we would have driver authors competing.
But little did I know that the first fight over "mine" or
"yours" would be with the now infamous "animals" patch.

> In addition, it's a very well-documented example of how to write a small
> kernel module with a /proc interface, and it logs a tasteful one-line header
> when it comes up.... :)

Ah! But has it been fully tested with kerneld yet? Since I only use
the /proc file when my system boots (my rc files re-create my
/etc/issue upon boot), I don't want it hanging around soaking up that
1-2K. After all, with 128MB and a 192MB swap partition, I need every K
I can scrounge.*

But you know, there was a thread sometime ago about keeping the ext
file system still in place. Basically it was to show a simple
example. Well, if indeed this is a VERY simple module (using
up-to-date methods, etc...), we might want to think about including it
simply for demonstration purposes.

Either way, I've had this sucker in place since it came out ... ;)

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