An observation on pre2.0.14 with old modules

Thomas Quinot (
9 Jun 1996 14:49:46 GMT

This is not a bug report per se (my system works fine now) but the
depiction of a situation that seemed rather unusual to me.

My system is mainly ELF, and I use modules for some drivers, including
the msdos FS (modules msdos and fat) and binfmt_aout. When I first
booted pre2.0.14, the installed modules were those of pre2.0.11. The
strange thing is that they got inserted cleanly, but then the whole
system went segfaulting all over the place (process mount segfaulted
supposedly when using the msdos modules, and I have a startup script
which calls a.out binaries too, which segfaulted as well.) From that
moment things went worse, with "free blocks not on freelist" and init
apparently unable to fork...

The problem went away as soon as I recompiled the kernel _and modules_.

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