Re: A serious NFS client bug in 1.99.14.

H. Peter Anvin (
9 Jun 1996 08:10:10 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: "H.J. Lu" <>
In newsgroup:
> The results I get range from corrupted files to failed commends. Is
> there a fix for it? BTW, my NFS server is also 1.99.14 with
> Universal NFS Server, version 2.2beta4.

I can confirm NFS weirdness in 1.3.97 (the one we run at work -- we
need a device driver not present in 1.2.x) -- a lot of sporadic
strange events have been recorded, including occasional "sending evil

We run universal NFS server 2.1, as well as using Solaris and Network
Appliance boxes as servers. We also use the automounter.

A weird data point: two people have reported Netscape can't write its
bookmarks file, but both those people have *local* home directories,
mounted via the automounter.

I will try to get more data.

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