Re: Nx586 - NexGen work fine with Linux???

Roeland Th. Jansen (
6 May 1996 20:13:03 -0000

Ian Stoyle ( wrote:
> Other strange happennings are that I can only compile as a 386
> machine as the kernel seems to think I have a 386 (perhaps theres a kludge
> for my bios) and if I modify bugs.h to allow a 486 or 586 compiled kernel
> run on my 586 it crashes as soon as the "AHA1540-2" and associated nits
> have finished I get an unknown opcode 0000.

actually, you have a 386 compatible uP. it does several P5 things but
doesn't do that 100%. a few instructions don't seem to be of importance
because of the hardware setup.

theer is a patch available against a pretty recent kernel that does add some
nexgen support. look at there also is a developers
mailing list available.

Roeland Th. Jansen <> (2:2802/105.1)