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Tue, 7 May 1996 11:09:10 +0100

In, article <m0uG5qa-0005FgC@lightning.swansea.linux.o=>, (Alan Cox) writes:
> > but at a cost of speed. There are also more C wizards in linux land=
> > GAWK wizards. More people working on something, the faster it gets =
done, or
> > the better it is, at least this is true of linux.
> Go ahead and do it. Actually I suspect gawk will beat you or come ver=
y close.
> Its virtually I/O bound and it beats gcc -M doing basically the same =
The gawk way to do this is neat, _but_ it has a MAJOR problem -- I cann=
mount my kernel sources read-only and symlink to them because the Makef=
depends on touching the .h files. :-(
I'd rather go back to gcc -M. Yes it's slow, but at least it leaves my
source files alone.

The Makefiles also depend on nobody doing a "make -t". :-(

> But not than C++ calls or multiple calls or the other mess. I've not =
> a single problem with printk, because gcc supports typechecking of pr=
IMHO, that's the best feature of gcc. ("gcc -E -dD" is a close second, =

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