Booting Linux from NTLDR

Robert Beazley (
Mon, 06 May 1996 15:16:21 -0400

In the last note I put to the "linux-config" mailing list (see below), I
inadvertantly referred to the version of SlackWare as 1.3. Actually I have
version 3.0.0. All else is correct. Please help, if any exists.


Robert Beazley

>>>Date: Sun, 05 May 1996 16:31:25 -0400
>>>From: Robert Beazley <>
>>>Subject: Booting Linux from NTLDR
>>> I've been trying in vain to setup both LILO and NTLDR so that I can
boot Linux from NTLDR. I believe I 'm doing everytnig properly but, there is
still something wrong here. Without going into all of the details, I
essentially have LINUX (SlackWare 1.3) installed onto a P120 with two EIDE
2gb hard drives (the 1st one for Windows NT and the 2nd for Linux) along
with an assortment of other periphials. I have made the correct disk drive
size geometry reference in "/etc/lilo.conf" using the keywords (append =
"hd=3893,16,63 hd=3893,16,63") and linear. I have successfully installed
LILO so that using a floppy, I can boot from the second partition "/" on
the second disk drive -> "hdb2" (the 1st partition is MSDOS.) When I run
"fdisk -l" I receive no errors. Therefore I am convinced that the LILO
configuration is solid. Also, I know Windows NT boots just fine everytime.
As per many references on "how to" correctly multi-boot with NTLDR,
utilizing "bootpart V1.1" I have attempted to create a boot sector file to
be placed into the Windows NT "boot.ini" file. The file is created, however
it doesn't boot LINUX. Has anyone else experieneced this behavior? Any Ideas
as to what may be happening here or what I may be doing wrong?
>>>Robert Beazley