Re: Nx586 - NexGen work fine with Linux???

Michael J. Micek (
Mon, 6 May 1996 09:38:09 -0700 (PDT)

> >Does anybody have a Linux installed at NexGen Nx586 machines??

Many do.

> Other strange happennings are that I can only compile as a 386
> machine as the kernel seems to think I have a 386 (perhaps theres a kludge
> for my bios) and if I modify bugs.h to allow a 486 or 586 compiled kernel
> run on my 586 it crashes as soon as the "AHA1540-2" and associated nits
> have finished I get an unknown opcode 0000.

Not *so* strange... the Nx586 is 386 compatible, but not 486
or pentium, because these chips added cache control
instructions that the Nx586 doesn't even need due (I
believe) to its on-chip cache controller.

Please check out:

> To:
> The patch for NexGen under Linux-1.3.82+ is now available
> on the web page . If you
> have it already, it hasn't changed.

[This patch still works fine against 1.3.97.]

> If anybody has a kernel built using it, and can measure a
> difference in performance of anything with and without it,
> please post your measurements to this list.
> (NB: The patch includes a configuration choice for CPU. So
> after you apply the patch, you need to reconfigure!)
> Nathan Myers


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