Re: menuconfig broke in 1.3.97?

Geoffrey Hoff (
Mon, 06 May 1996 07:47:45 -0400

>> I also upgraded to RedHat 3.0.3 about the same time so I guessed It had
>> something to do with that. I just stopped using it since I have not found
>> time to investigate.
>Same to me. But I tried to investigate and found lxdialog, which is compiled
>first, gives segmentation fault whenever run with <display_any_dialog>
>option. When run with no options displays all available options and ends OK.
>This happens on Slackware 2.3, gcc 2.6.3. kernel 1.3.92
>When I tried this on another machine running slackware 3.0 gcc 2.7.0 ELF
>same kernel - everything is OK.
>lxdialog compiled on the first machine is about 145KB as opposed to about
>90KB on the second machine.
>I replaced 'bad' lxdialog with the 'good' one and almost everything went OK.
>Output was only a little messed due to incompatible library I suppose.
>Hopes this helps.

I had the same problem. It worked just fine under an old slackware install,
but after I upgraded some of my system to elf using packages from RedHat 3.0.3
menuconfig no longer worked. The problem is that lxdialog was using <ncurses.h>
which came from the old slackware and not <ncurses/curses.h> which is what came
with the RedHat ncurses package.

Delete /usr/include/ncurses.h and make it a link to
/usr/include/ncurses/curses.h and everything should work.

Geoff Hoff