Re: Java in OS?

Paul H. Hargrove (
Sun, 05 May 1996 20:11:41 -0700

Thomas Quinot wrote:
> Mike Black ( =E9crit :
> > Is there any possibility of Linux also doing this? It'd really be =
neat if
> > Linux could be first-on-the-market.
> Java is totally irrelevant to the Linux kernel. It would not be neat =
> all to have Java in the kernel, for it has STRICTLY NOTHING to do the=
> There is no reason whatsoever to implement that.

Actually a binfmt_java.o module that would be invoked if the=20
kernel recognized a magic number at the start of a Java byte-code
executable would make sense. It would, of course, invoke a user-space
Java interpreter not a kernel-space one.

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