Re: wish list

Albert Cahalan (
Sat, 4 May 1996 20:39:22 -0400 (EDT)

> From: Aaron Fredrick Tiensivu <>
> Subject: My personal wish-list
> Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 16:09:29 -0400 (EDT)
> Wish-list for Linux 2.0:
> o *All* printk's statements get a logging level assigned to them.

In 2.1.xx add a comma to make the logging level a real parameter.

> o "Socket destroy delayed" nuked
> o TCP layer stabilized
> o Victim-list included in kernel distribution


> o Removal of the "flock()" warning message

You only get 5 warnings now. Live with it or upgrade.

> o Man files updated accordingly [some still say Linux 0.99]
> (not necessarily kernel-related, but it would be nice to have the new
> features/system-calls documented properly )
> o Make sure not to jump the gun to 2.0 while things are still unstable
> Wish-list for Linux post-2.0:
> o Modules/kernel throw away init. code when complete

We could mark code as init and swappable. Someone did a patch for
this but said the patch gets old very fast.

> o PnP support
> o replace 'selection' code with kmouse

Can we feed this and the keyboard into something like Xqueue?

> o Better console interaction between X, DOSEmu, SVGATextMode
> [might not be kernel issue]

Unfortunatly it _must_ be. Apps that hit the hardware directly
belong in the DOS world. At least X doen't have disk services
and all the other Win 3.11 braindamage, but it does take over
the video hardware and put the keyboard into raw mode.

> o 'linux/drivers' split into architecture specific branches
> o Option to throw away 'other' architecture code
> o Various 'README' files in various directories stuck where
> they should be, in 'Documentation'
> o Cleaner kmalloc
> o SBPCD seperated into drive families - taking out support for TEAC
> and the other 'families' that don't pertain to my setup resulted
> in a 50% reduction in code-size.
> o 'vmlinuz' created as a symlink pointing to '' , same with
> That way, no need to go probing to the file looking for version
> signature.

I've met too many people that tried to install the raw kernel because
zImage was buried down in arch/i386/boot. I'd like a symlink at least,
or even just move it into the top directory. It also needs a better
name, like 1-3-97.lki. Note that /boot may be a link to a partition
under the 1024 cylindar BIOS limit, and we all know what filesystem
that could be... stick to the 8.3 limit for boot files.