UFS support broken?

Chris Ricker (chris@woodruffn239.residence.gatech.edu)
Sat, 4 May 1996 19:50:50 -0400 (EDT)


A while ago, I took the Pepsi challenge, and as a result I have this large
partition for FreeBSD that I never use (well, almost never; I recently
upgraded it to the latest 2.2 snapshot and played with it some more, but
then I went back to linux). I noticed the recent kernels have (read-only)
ufs support included, so when I was compiling 1.3.98, I decided to try out
the ufs support (as a module--love that kerneld! ;-). When I tried to
mount my partition (it's one of those hacked FreeBSD pseudo-extended
partitions, and yes, I did include support for such in the kernel, and
no, I didn't include Sun support), I got the following LOVELY (and rather
tasteless, I might add ;-) message:

ufs_read_super: bad magic number 0x00000000 on dev 0/0
ufs_read_super: fs_nindir 2048 != 3
ufs_read_super: fucking Sun blows me
ufs_read_super: fs last mounted on "/"
ufs_read_super: fs needs fsck
ufs_read_inode: file too big ino 2 dev 3/65, faking size
ufs_read_super: inopb 64

Is development of ufs still continuing during the code freeze (since it's
experimental), and if so, do those of you involved in the ufs support
need/want any more info about my setup?


or chris@ricker.gt.ed.net